How We Solve Your Interconnect Signal Integrity Challenges

At Ardent Concepts we design and manufacture innovative high frequency interfaces for high-speed electronics.  Our patented products meet the signal integrity and performance demands of product designers in Semiconductor, Computing, Communications & Defense markets.

Our focus is on helping bring next generation computing to market through novel connector designs for test & measurement, OEM applications, and specialized military applications.  Ardent’s patented contact technologies are well suited for advanced multi-GHz applications such as board stack connectors, coaxial connectors, fPGA sockets, flex circuit connectors, probe interfaces, and mezzanine card connectors. We have a complete line of high performance test socket solutions for the most advanced chipsets such as RF devices, ASICS, switches, processors and MEMS devices.  We support chip to chip, chip to board, board to board and flex to board applications.

Why Ardent?