Eliminate Surface Mount Connectors

QUICKLINK is a single ended or differential compression mount coaxial
connector delivering superior signal integrity DC to 70 GHz+, designed with
Ardent’s patented compression mount technology. QUICKLINK combines
connector and receptacle, enabling engineers to replace costly surface mount
connectors, like SMAs, SMPs, and GPPOs. The twist-to-lock footprint requires
only two thru holes and a gold pad which reduces PCB costs by avoiding costly
solder-down components that can’t be recovered. QUICKLINK footprints can be
placed anywhere on your board to allow easy access to any channels from your
device. Utilizing Ardent’s patented contacts, QUICKLINK customers can expect
the superior level of AC performance they’ve come to expect from Ardent’s TR
Multicoax Series.

Key Benefits

• Superior signal integrity DC to 70 GHz+
• Reusable across programs promotes exponential cost savings
• Board component reduction while increasing reliability and density
• Electrical repeatability through 1000+ mating cycles
• Solderless system eliminates signal distortion for clean signal integrity
• Rapid connection to PCB – No threading or tools required
• No more failing of snap-in connectors
• Access multiple transmission lines with no need for surface mount receptacle

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range DC to 70 GHz
Return Loss -18 dB through 70 GHz
Insertion Loss -1.5 dB through 40 GHz, -3 dB through 70 GHz
Crosstalk or Coupling Interference -70 dB through 70 GHz
Impedance 50 Ω +/- 2.5 Ω
Phase Matching +/- 2 ps standard

Small Footprint

QUICKLINK mounts directly to the PCB with a twist-to-lock footprint design that requires only two small thru holes and a gold pad for the connector to land on.

Available in Differential Mode!





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