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Open Your Eyes: Solving Signal Integrity and Mechanical Challenges in Optical Components and Systems

Wednesday, May 17th at

11:00AM PT/ 2:00 PM ET

Next generation data centers for cloud-based computing applications are rapidly expanding the integration of high speed optical components to meet the bandwidth demand without the corresponding increase of power usage of the infrastructure. 100Gbps network capacity is the new normal for server system development and multiple components must be optimized to work together in a system. With higher node counts, tighter pitches, and concerns about power consumption pushing the need for better, lower resistance interconnect solutions, computer makers need to build field service and upgrade options into advanced server systems. Compression mount connectors from Ardent give customers the flexibility to swap out optical devices, preventing significant down-time and preventing costly system rework by enabling solder-less device to board interconnection.

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By attending the webinar you will learn:

  • Frequent signal integrity challenges encountered in optical system design
  • Solutions to common mechanical issues with coherent receivers
  • How compression mount connectors can provide error free operation up to 32Gbps and beyond
  • How to lower total cost through eliminating the need for soldering components to the PCB

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