TR Multicoax Series – 50 Ohm Hermetic Feedthrough


Amphenol Ardent Concepts TR Multicoax Series connectors mated with our 50Ω Hermetic Feedthrough are ideal for applications where hermeticity is crucial to the transmission of high speed signals. In these applications, TR connectors are mated to the hermetic feedthrough on either end ensuring an impedance matched 50Ω channel between any two chambers. The feedthrough is fixed to a flange (such as an ISO disk) with screws in blind-holes from the inside of the vacuum. Lastly, the hermetic feedthrough is completely sealed using an epoxy potting.

Key Benefits

  • Leak-proof design (Max leak rate 2.00E-09 LTorr)
  • Variety of coaxial cable materials available for milliKelvin (mK) temperatures (Flexible, CuNi, NbTi)
  • Extremely dense form factor (160+ channels in standard ISO disc)
  • Easily mate/de-mate multiple high-speed lanes


  • Dilution refrigerators/Cryogenic devices
  • Quantum Computing
  • Vacuum Chambers
  • Anywhere where RF signals need to be passed through a sealed wall

Hermetic Feedthrough Leak Rate Data

Hermetic Feedthrough Signal Integrity Data

Sample Application Drawing (10X in ISO disk)

16 Channel Hermetic Feedthrough Drawing

Hermetic Feedthrough Datasheet

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