Board to Board Connectors

Board to Board Connectors – High Performing & Cost Efficient

Look no further for your custom board to board connector solutions. Ardent’s patented technology offers multiple solutions for high performance board to board connectivity that are more cost efficient than the traditional connector system solutions.


COTS 128 Connector
Board to Board Connector Specs

Board to Board Connectors

Custom board to board connectors designed to your needs and delivered with short lead times. Our proven technology satisfies extremely high node count requirements without extreme force. A mezzanine connector from Ardent can be designed to work with less than 5 grams of force per node to maintain electrical connectivity. With contact heights as low as .030”, stack ups can be reduced without sacrificing signal integrity. If you have a tough board to board connector requirement, contact us to see how our proven technology can work for your project.

Looking for an RF Interposer?

For more on the spring pin connector technology used for these board to board connectors, check out our SP™ technology.

Flex to Board Connector
Flex to Board Connector Specs

Flex to Board Connectors

Flex to board connectors utilize our revolutionary ‘wiping’ action contact technology available with our SC™ connectors. These connectors are ideal for ultra small flex to board connectors and sockets for either test or production use. Count on Ardent precision engineering capabilities to meet your specs and your short lead times. Benefits of our custom flex to board connectors include:

  • Exceptional signal integrity
  • Long life
  • Lower component costs
  • Lower overall costs
Space Transform-R™ Specs

Space Transform-R™ Connectors

Ardent’s Space Transform-R™ custom board to board connector is the solution for super high node count applications. These board to board connectors are available in modular designs ranging from 1,000 – 25,000+ nodes. The Ardent Space Transform-R™ is a lower force drop-in replacement for massively parallel spring-pin connectors and conductive elastomeric contact sets. Designed with SP™ technology, this space transformer board to board connector is a highly reliable discrete node z-axis interconnect solution. These spring pin connectors offer extremely low force, consistent DC resistance and exceptional AC performance for Vertical Probe Card interface applications.

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