**NEW** Interconnect Solution in Automated Test Equipment

High density RF and high speed TR Multicoax™ Series

ACS #0001 20 GHz SerDes TX & RX Loopback Testing

A major IC manufacturer was developing server processors and needed a way to test high-speed IO signals for data rate and accuracy.

ACS #0002 28 Gbps SerDes

A major IC Manufacturer was developing a next generation chipset with multiple lanes of high speed SerDes for a highly integrated, scalable metro transport solution with reduced power, cost and

ACS #0004 40 GHz Signals on Consumer Product Test System

A major consumer product company was developing sub-system that required 40GHz+ signals to come off the board and out to instrumentation for functional testing of production units.

ACS #0006 Characterization of a Cross Point Switch

A Characterization Engineer needed an alternative to SMP Connectors for device characterization and design correlation - the device being tested is a Cross-Point Switch.

ACS #0007 Flight Qualified Mezzanine Connector Assembly

A major defense contractor needed a reliable, high speed (12 Gbps) connector solution that would allow them to easily replace or upgrade expensive Circuit Card Assemblies (CCAs).

ACS #0008 High Speed Analog to Digital Converter

A major global telecommunications company was developing their own custom Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) and was looking to replace traditional end launch connector solutions for getting high speed signals off of the PCB during device characterization.

ACS #0009 High Speed Transceiver Characterization

A major defense contractor was developing a high speed transceiver and developed their own, custom IC substrate.

ACS #0010 pcIE Gen 3 Probing

A major IC Manufacturer was developing a new PCIE device and needed a repeatable way to de-embed the signal losses on their compliance base boards (CBB) to allow them to accurately characterize the performance of their device.

ACS #0011 Replacing SMPs with TR for 12 Gsps ADC

Engineers working on a test team at a major IC manufacturer were developing next gen, JESD204B standard data converters, Digital to Analog (DAC) and Analog to Digital (ADC) running at 12GSPS with plans to increase speeds.


US Patent Numbers 6,787,709, 6,909,056, 7,126,062, 7,556,503. Other US and Foreign Patents Pending.
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