Highly Reliable Communications Connector Systems

Ardent’s patented connector technologies, including SP formed wire contacts, are ideally suited for the ruggedized communications equipment marketplace. With solderless compression mount solutions from Ardent, signal loss is minimal and reliability is guaranteed. SP technology has been extensively tested for long life and consistent performance over extended cycles, and the simple, elegant design of Ardent communications connectors allows engineers to achieve new levels of reliability, reduce footprints, and lower interconnect costs.

The scalable architecture of Ardent’s interconnect technology means that custom designed interposers, space transformers and connectors can be designed with ultra-low force, super short z-heights and exceptionally tight pitch capability without heavy NRE or tooling costs.

We offer you and your engineering team proven interconnect solutions including board to board connectors and interposers for communications applications that can stand up to the harshest environments and meet the smallest, tightest and highest density requirements. Our engineering team is ready to work with you to ensure that the reliability and performance of your communications connector system exceeds all specifications.

Ardent’s extensively tested and patented connector and interposer technology offers the following benefits to you and your engineering team:

Minimal signal loss

  • Fewer points of failure enabled with the simple wire-form shape of
  • Guaranteed reliability
  • Consistent performance over extended cycles
  • Lower interconnect costs
  • High level of customization with no complex tooling or high NRE charges
  • Reduced footprint – super short z-heights
  • More scalable and robust than legacy solutions like barrel spring pins or
    conductive elastomerics

These benefits add up to one of the most versatile, most scalable, and most reliable custom LGA connector solutions available in the market today. LGA Connector solutions leveraging Ardent’s patented technology for communications applications include:

Radar Systems

  • Ruggedized Laptops
  • Hand Held Communications Systems
  • Antenna Systems

A Dedication to Reliability & High Performance

Designing and building elegant compression mount connector solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) is a core mission of Ardent Concepts. Our solution is designed to be more cost effective than traditional pogo pin connectors, provide more consistent DC resistance than conductive elastomer connectors, and maintain or exceed the signal integrity requirements of the most challenging electrical applications.

Contact us about your spring loaded connector requirements including board to board connectors, chip to board connectors and flex to board connector requirements and we will engineer your interconnect solution to the provided specs on time and on budget.

Learn more about Ardent’s RF Connectors & Interposers including board to board connectors.

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