CR Stamped Contactor Technology for Area Array Connector Applications

Introducing the next generation of connector technology from Ardent Concepts. CR is a logical leap forward in compression mount connector solutions for advanced applications.

CR is designed to fill the gap between expensive spring pin solutions and unreliable elastomeric contact sets.

Capable of providing exceptional AC performance in a highly configurable design, CR can be used for LGA or BGA applications, and is available in both compression mount and solder down configurations.

The flexibility of CR allows engineers to design reliable interfaces for thermal applications with an all-metal contact interface for optimal reliability.

CR can be used in applications down to .7mm pitch in area array, and is available in small volumes machined or large volumes molded.

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CR interconnect technology was designed to address a critical market need: low insertion connectors with high AC performance which are highly reliable under extreme temperature conditions.

The magic of CR is the patented “twist action” at the interface point. This lateral twist provides a critical scrub at the pad surface, allowing for good penetration of oxides and ensuring consistent DC resistance. The result is an exceptionally robust connector in an exceptionally simple mechanical connector design.

CR is available in a variety of pitch and height configurations. We will work with you on your custom design applications, provide sample contacts, and help you to determine the best contact size and pitch for your particular compliant interconnect requirement.

If you don’t see what you are looking for in here, ask us for help. We have a number of custom contact designs based on the patented CR architecture. Our engineers will work within your requirements to determine the best possible solution for your test socket, compliant interposer or electrical connector needs.

Ardent Concepts is focused on helping clients improve electrical efficiencies and reduce costs with innovative spring loaded connector and test socket designs. We design and build custom and off-the-shelf compression mount connectors and test sockets for customers around the world using patented SP™ technology. Industries served include the semiconductor, medical device, military and industrial design sectors.

Ardent Concepts, Inc. – Providing reliable spring loaded connector performance from development to production.

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