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Ardent’s patented interconnect technologies including mezzanine connectors are tested and qualified for mil-spec applications. As an engineer designing defense and security applications, you need an interconnect solution that can stand up to the harshest environments. Count on Ardent to design and build your military grade mezzanine connector solutions that meet event the smallest, tightest, highest density requirements. We are proud to be American based and take pride in our ability to deliver reliable, robust components to an industry so vital to our country’s security. Our engineering team is ready to work with you to ensure that the reliability and performance of your board to board connectors including mezzanine connectors exceeds all specifications.

Ardent’s patented SP™ connector technology offers the following benefits to you and your engineering team:

  • Shock and vibration to 25 Gs with no disconnect
  • Consistent DC resistance over extreme temperature ranges
  • An ultra-reliable compression interface with NO SOLDER JOINTS
  • Custom interconnect systems with virtually ZERO MECHANICAL FAILURE issues.


These benefits add up to one of the most versatile, most scalable, and most reliable RF connector solutions available in the market today.

Mezzanine Connectors leveraging Ardent’s patented technology are available for:

  • Hand Held Radios
  • UAV Systems
  • Radar and Satellite
  • Monitoring Equipment


Contact us about your spring loaded connector requirements including board to board connectors, mezzanine connectors, chip to board connectors and flex to board connector requirements and we will engineer your interconnect solution to the provided specs on time and on budget.

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