Host Compliance Test Fixture

Utilizing Amphenol Ardent’s patented TR Multicoax proven interface technology, our QSFP-DD and OSFP Host Compliance Test Fixture allows engineers to develop and characterize systems and devices utilizing cutting edge high speed ports and connectors. Ideal for 400G and 800G systems, users can easily characterize all high speed lines in a simple to use form factor. The TR HCTF is designed to meet IEEE 802.3ck and OIF CEI-112G-VSR performance requirements.

  • Designed to be compliant to IEEE 802.3ck and OIF CEI-112G-VSR performance requirements
  • Compliant with QSFP-DD and OSFP MSA mechanical module requirementsMaximum Differential Impedance Variation for all transitions: ±10 Ω
  • Allows access to all 16 differential pairs

Benefits Include:

  • Good electrical contact, improving consistency over traditional HCB through the use of Ardent’s patented technology
  • Access to all signals at once
  • Encourages reuse across programs, saving both time and money
  • Consistent phase stability and reliability


  • OSFP