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Ardent’s test socket systems provide superior electrical and mechanical performance at a lower cost per touchdown than legacy test contactors.

Count on Ardent for understanding your needs, quickly responding to your requests and delivering high quality test sockets that you can count on for reliability and performance.

As an engineer in a test environment, what matters most to you?

1. Performance

Our patented technologies including SC™ are designed to meet your needs in the test environment. Keys to Ardent’s high performing test sockets include:

High Yield – patented design maintains low and consistent, repeatable DC resistance.

Signal Integrity – clean signals and superior electrical performance combined with exceptional thermal management.

High Speed – Ardent SC™ QFN test sockets are rated to 24 GHz @ <-1dB and have low inductance values (.5 nH). Ardent SP BGA test sockets are designed especially for high node counts and high speeds, with some versions rated to 37 GHz @ <-1dB.

Durability – Patented technology decreases board wear and our all metal contact set solution is unique in the industry to create lateral translation on the device under test while preventing board wear. We offer test sockets that are highly reliable for hundreds of thousands to millions of mating cycles. If you need high insertion counts and extreme reliability for automated test environment sockets, count on Ardent and its SC™ technology to meet and exceed your needs during test.

2. Cost

Our test sockets are designed to lower your total initial costs and your total cost of ownership. When evaluating test sockets, simplicity of design reduces downtime for repair and maintenance; higher yields converts to a total lower cost and durability reduces your handler downtime and overall costs as well. Be sure to evaluate the total cost of test sockets. Ardent’s test sockets are tested and proven to be the right choice.

Ardent’s high performance test sockets (BGA test sockets, LGA test sockets, QFN/QFP test sockets and non standard test sockets offer you more cost effective socket and test contactor solution. Our test sockets using patented technologies (SC™ ) are designed to drop in on existing test socket footprints and with modular replacement components our design promotes exceptionally easy field replacement and repair for a lower total cost of ownership.

Another lower cost alternative for socket applications uses our Connect-R™ technology. This technology is available for LGA and BGA socket applications in solder down and solderless configurations in small volumes machined or molded for larger volumes. No tooling charges!

3. Lead Time

Ardent’s custom test sockets are delivered fast, often in less than 4 weeks. We also offer a family of JEDEC QFN/QFP test sockets for quick turnaround.

Ardent’s high performance test sockets (BGA test sockets, LGA test sockets, QFN/QFP test Ardent’s patented technology combined with industry leading alloys provide a unique, more cost effective and electrically robust socket solution for QFN/QFP sockets, BGA and LGA sockets and test contactors for other small form factor devices. Need a non standard test socket? We’re ready to work with you.

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Area Array Test Sockets

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