Ardent Concepts is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance multicoax, probes, connectors, sockets used in the development of next generation semiconductors and electronics systems. Our core technology is the smallest, fastest, most electrically efficient compression mount connector technology worldwide. It is used to connect: integrated circuits and printed circuit boards to instrumentation and to each other offering superior signal integrity in a high speed environment.

  • SemiconductorThe electrical properties of connectors employed in semiconductor testing and evaluation are critical. Ardent’s technology not only provides the electrical characteristics required for high‐speed testing and measurement but has proven to be a less expensive alternative to legacy solutions, enabling test engineers to cost effectively design solutions for demanding high‐frequency applications.


  • Military/Aerospace – Ardent Concepts’ technology is tested and qualified for mil‐spec applications using mezzanine connectors including: handheld radios, UAV systems, radar and satellite connectors, weapons systems, missile components, and monitoring equipment.


  • Medical Devices – Ardent interconnect products are used in medical device applications where flexible design and high performance are critical. Sample applications include surgical instruments, implantable devices, dispensary systems, and monitoring equipment.


  • Communications – Durability and consistent performance are essential to companies in this sector. Ardent Concepts’ products have been extensively tested and are proven to stand up over extended cycles and in ruggedized environments making them the preferred interconnect solution for radar systems, ruggedized laptops, hand‐held communications systems, and antenna systems.


  • High Performance Computing – Primary requirements in this sector include signal integrity at high speeds and a small footprint. Ardent’s interconnect solutions are designed to meet these criteria; as such, they have seen wide use in the following applications: logic analyzers, networking equipment, and final package test equipment.