micro-LinkOVER™ – Above PCB Connector System

Cutting-Edge Near-Chip Termination in Amphenol’s OverPass™ Portfolio

micro-LinkOVER is an above PCB twinaxial connector system that provides system designers and layout engineers a cost effective approach to unlock the design flexibility needed to manage the technical challenges of PAM4 56G and 112G systems and beyond. Supporting data rates from 10G to more than 112G PAM4 per lane with high signal-to-noise ratio & low VSWR. micro-LinkOVER’s direct to PCB compression mount solution eliminates the need for any lossy paddle cards, minimizing transitions and losses on system budgets. micro-LinkOVER’s modular design allows for multiple form factors in dense footprints to fit in crowded real estate environments. micro-LinkOVER is an ideal solution for 100G/200G/400G Systems, lnfiniband™, PCle®, Chip-to-Chip links, and 5G systems.

Benefits Include:

  • Performance up to 112G+ PAM4 per lane (demonstrated 100 Gbaud per lane)
  • Signal-to-noise performance of >30dB of Insertion Loss to Crosstalk @ 50 GHz
  • Eliminates complicated and lossy trace routing
  • High density footprint gets more channels closer to IC
  • Eliminates retimers
  • Lowers power requirements significantly compared to optical engines
  • Designed specifically for differential pairs/routing


  • 100G/200G/400G Systems
  • 5G
  • Infiniband™
  • PCIe®
  • Data centers
  • Backside PCB interconnect
  • Backplanes
  • Future-proofing for 400G designs
  • Chip-to-Chip link





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