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Compression Mount Solutions for Today’s Most Advanced Optical Engines

The scalability of SP connector technology is enabling the next generation of optical device IC manufactures to allow for solder-less high speed optical Electrical Module replace-ability. These connectors offer high speed input data rates in cost effective and real-estate friendly form factors.

OpticalSocketsConnectors1Next generation datacenters for cloud-based computing applications are rapidly expanding the integration of high speed Optical Electrical module solutions to meet the bandwidth demand without the corresponding increase of power usage of the infrastructure. 100Gbps network capacity is the new normal for server system development, and our unique, patented optical module connector designs are an integral part of this solution set.

The deployment of new backplane systems with high signal speed optical modules presents design challenges for large server systems manufacturers. With higher node counts, tighter pitches, and concerns about power consumption pushing the need for better, lower resistance interconnect solutions, computer makers need to build field service and upgrade options into advanced server systems. Compression mount connectors from Ardent give customers the flexibility to swap out optical devices, preventing significant down-time and preventing costly system rework by enabling solder-less device to board interconnection.

Many of our customers are building large scale systems and need to plan for future optical module upgradability and/or replacement. In the past, most data transmission modules were soldered down in manufacturing and required expensive rework to introduce new designs or replace faulty modules.

Ardent’s super high speed, low profile connectors enable these customers to plan for the future, perform module upgrades in the field, and completely eliminate solder re-work. Ardent Optical connectors have been extensively tested at 28 Gbps transmission speeds, and provide the critically low loss interface between backplane systems and the optical transceivers which are capable of pushing those signals out to 400 Gbps at the fiber.

We are extremely excited to be a part of these types of programs with some of the global leaders in computing power who are invariably attempting to increase speed and reduce power consumption of next generation computing appliances. Click Here to see how the world’s largest semiconductor company is using Ardent technology to enable optical interconnect at the device level.

Ardent is working closely with collaboration partners worldwide to customize compression mount optical device connectors for specific vendor options and providing critical IP to licensing partners in Japan and the US who are focused on scaling the technology for broad based commercial use. Prototype connectors for custom designs are available with short lead times. Email Us to learn more about how Ardent can help with your compression mount optical device connectors.

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