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Board to board connectors, chip to board and chip to chip connectors – scalable with small footprints

Ardent’s precision engineering and rapid prototyping capabilities help engineers reduce lead times, reduce footprints and reduce costs. With our patented technology, we can deliver super high speed spring loaded connectors for prototypes while scaling to meet high volume production demands. Our technology is designed to provide high flexibility in design which converts to cost effective interposers delivered FAST.

We can design custom connectors for your application in just DAYS and prototypes are available in many cases in 2 WEEKS or less.

Scalable – using our patented technology, SP™, Ardent’s custom connector systems are infinitely scalable in height, pitch and force. Our spring loaded connectors provide super high AC performance and are more cost effective than traditional pogo pin connector solutions. Custom LGA connectors can be designed from an existing ‘family’ of footprints or matched to your current board layout.

Small Footprint – Ardent’s spring loaded connector systems are compression mount with SMALL footprints to minimize keep-out areas. Low force and high node count applications can be satisfied with excellent signal integrity and consistent DC resistance.

Learn more about Ardent’s chip to chip connectors, chip to board connectors and board to board connectors including flex to board connectors and space transformers

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