Sample Exchange/Shielding Can Solutions for Quantum Computing Applications

Solutions Offered:


Right Angle/Leap Frog Combination

  • 16-24 RD lines in <10mm (.393″) tall, 38mm (1.5″) x 5mm (.206″) PCB Footprint
    • Increased density in low profile package


8 Channel Tighter Pitch (1.27mm cable to cable) version of TR using NbTi cables

  • Direct attaching to IC vs routing signals to PCB
  • Complete drawings available upon request


36 Channel (4X 1×9 connectors) with .031″ Semi-Rigid Cable

  • Direct attaching to IC vs routing signals to PCB
  • Designed to live inside shielding can
  • Scale-able as number of qubits increase

Quantum Sockets

Customizable Coaxial Sockets for Quantum Processors

  • Leverages same tech used in TR Interface Assembly
  • Density as tight as 0.8mm signal to signal
  • Coaxial approach minimizes crosstalk


Tight Pitch (0.4mm pin to pin) socket for Bare Die Substrate

  • Socket body machined of Anodized Aluminum for improved isolation
  • Spring Probes plated in Au only to remove  magnetism (Ni omitted)


Chip Level

  • TR Right Angle (Low-profile) connectors get up to 16 channels extremely close to chip
  • TR Blind Mate allows denser and more electrically/mechanically reliable connection between sample exchanger and fridge (1000 mates/de-mates)
  • Quantum device interposers to PCB

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