SC Technology



High Yield Low Loss Interconnect for Chipscale ATE Test Sockets

Ardent Concepts Test Sockets for ATE test deploy patented SC Contact Sets. This technology is capable of over 2 Million mechanical insertions in production environments and uses easy to replace pins with no complicated assembly procedure. It is designed to be drop-in compatible with 1mm offset and straight through footprints to ease implementation, and RC SC’s simple and robust design is extremely cost effective when compared with existing “roll” type test contactors and sockets. Designed specifically for JEDEC QFN and MLF applications, SC High Performance Test Sockets are available for most handler set-ups and offer exceptional AC performance.

SC Test sockets were designed with one goal in mind; Increase Yields in ATE Test of Chipscale packages.

The patented “Scrub” action on the DUT side cuts through oxidation and creates a new surface of contact for each insertion. The unique cavity of the pin itself targets this translation to the top side, virtually eliminating board wear. SC pins are made from pure semi-precious metal, eliminating the plating wear seen with many traditional ATE test socket solutions. SC is the only test socket solution which uses the patented ‘sliding coil’ action at the core of SP technology. This concept allows us to design systems capable of up to 24GHz @ < -1dB. The result is an exceptionally robust test socket with an exceptionally simple contact set.

Pitch .4mm & up
Package Size .2mm x .2mm & up
Device Platings Matte Tin, Nickel Palladium Gold
Cycle Life Up to 2 Million Insertions
Contact Set All Metal
Easy to Replace Contacts
ATE Ready for Most Handler Types
AC Performance To 24 GHz
Signal Integrity Click Datasheet Button for Signal Integrity Charts
DC Resistance

SC has been designed as a drop in replacement for high performance pogo pin connectors and ATE sockets for some of the most advanced semiconductor firms in the world. SC is available in a variety of pitch and height configurations. We will work with you on your custom design applications, provide sample contacts, and help you to determine the best contact size and pitch for your particular ATE socket requirement.

If you don’t see what you are looking for in here, ask us for help. We have a number of custom contact designs based on the patented SC architecture. Our engineers will work within your requirements to determine the best possible solution for your test socket, compliant interposer or electrical connector needs.