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Since inception, Ardent Concepts, Inc. has been designing custom test and measurement interfaces with its patented technologies. Leading global semiconductor companies rely on Ardent’s board to board connectors and test sockets. Our all metal contact technology offers the best electrical price/performance ratio for custom spring loaded connectors in the industry, allowing test engineers to design affordable solutions for demanding high frequency applications. Ardent contacts achieve low contact resistance by using a low surface area contact patch, which allows engineers to design high density connectors without high levels of contact force.

Semiconductor Industry Case Study – Top Side Interconnect Solution.

For the semiconductor industry, we offer you, the engineer, board to board connectors and test sockets you can count on:

Test sockets for various package types including QFN packages, BGA test sockets and LGA test sockets (large area array sockets).

Test sockets from Ardent Concepts are designed with modular components and robust contact sets for enduring repeatability and cycling. Most Ardent test sockets are designed to withstand hundreds of thousands of mating cycles and provide consistent DC resistance over time. All Ardent test socket employ multi-GHz contact sets which are cost effective alternatives to expensive high performance pogo pin sockets.

Download Ardent’s white paper on QFN/ATE Test sockets.

Board to board connectors – Ardent’s Space Transform-RTM board to board connector is the solution for super high node count applications. These board to board connectors are available in modular designs ranging from 1,000 – 25,000+ nodes. The Ardent Space Transform-R™ is a lower force drop-in replacement for massively parallel spring-pin connectors and conductive elastomeric contact sets. Designed with SP™ technology, this space transformer board to board connector is a highly reliable discrete node z-axis interconnect solution. These spring pin connectors offer extremely low force, consistent DC resistance and exceptional AC performance for Vertical Probe Card interface applications.

Board to board connectorsSpace Transform-R™ specifications.

Contact Us with your specific test socket or space transformer board to board connector requirements and we will custom engineer your solution to the provided specification on time and on budget.

Learn more about Ardent’s Custom Connectors including board to board connectors.

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