Amphenol Ardent Concepts’ Patented Compression Mount Technology

Ardent Concepts delivers high performance test sockets and connectors using patented technology designed to optimize electrical performance, reduce space constraints on the board, and lower overall costs. Read more about each patented technology below:

Spring Probe™

Spring Probe™

Spring Probe™ Production Proven Compression Interconnect

Ardent Concepts’ connectors and interconnect interfaces are based on our proprietary wire-form contact, the Spring Probe (SP™). This technology is capable of GHz level performance at every pitch available (down to 0.4mm). The SP is ideal for high performance compression interconnect for many package and board designs. Test socket and high speed connector designs for tight pitch area array and high-node count requirements are available, and we can help you to design and build your own using SP technology.

  • Scalable solutions for connectors down to 0.4mm pitch
  • Eliminates the barrel and plunger from a traditional “pogo” style spring pin (fewer mechanical components to fail)
  • Patented “wipe action” of the coils causes contact to behave like an inductor. The result is exceptionally clean AC performance in an extremely dense footprint


CR Stamped Contactor Technology for Area Array Connector Applications

Introducing the next generation of connector technology from Ardent Concepts. CR is a logical leap forward in compression mount connector solutions for advanced applications. CR is designed to fill the gap between expensive spring pin solutions and unreliable elastomeric contact sets. Capable of providing exceptional AC performance in a highly configurable design, CR can be used for LGA or BGA applications, and is available in both compression mount and solder down configurations. The flexibility of CR allows engineers to design reliable interfaces for thermal applications with an all-metal contact interface for optimal reliability. CR can be used in applications down to 0.8mm pitch in area array, and is available in small volumes machined or large volumes molded.

  • Cost-effective automation loaded contacts
  • High performance
  • Stamped contact for area array applications down to 0.8mm pitch


High Yield Low Loss Interconnect for Chipscale ATE Test Sockets

Ardent Concepts Test Sockets for ATE test deploy patented SC Contact Sets. This technology is capable of over 2 Million mechanical insertions in production environments and uses easy to replace pins with no complicated assembly procedure. It is designed to be drop-in compatible with 1mm offset and straight through footprints to ease implementation, and RC SC’s simple and robust design is extremely cost effective when compared with existing “roll” type test contactors and sockets. Designed specifically for JEDEC QFN and MLF applications, SC High Performance Test Sockets are available for most handler set-ups and offer exceptional AC performance. SC Test sockets were designed with one goal in mind; Increase Yields in ATE Test of Chipscale packages. The patented “Scrub” action on the DUT side cuts through oxidation and creates a new surface of contact for each insertion. The unique cavity of the pin itself targets this translation to the top side, virtually eliminating board wear. SC pins are made from pure semi-precious metal, eliminating the plating wear seen with many traditional ATE test socket solutions. SC is the only test socket solution which uses the patented ‘sliding coil’ action at the core of SP technology. This concept allows us to design systems capable of up to 24 GHz @ < -1dB. The result is an exceptionally robust test socket with an exceptionally simple contact set.

  • Easy to replace contacts
  • ATE ready for most handler types

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