High Performance Custom BGA Test Sockets & LGA Interposers

There are a lot of options when it comes to bench test sockets. Save yourself and your lab time, money and frustration by working with Ardent for truly customized test socket solutions to meet your needs and do the job with high performance, reliability and quick turnaround that you need and deserve.

Why consider Ardent for your custom BGA sockets and LGA interposers?


Patented technology used for Ardent’s BGA test sockets and LGA interposers is more scalable and less expensive than barrel spring pins. Our custom socket solutions start as low as $1k per custom socket including heat sink and associated hardware. Plus there are no tooling charges for custom solutions.


Our spring loaded test sockets offer the best available electrical performance for an all metal-solution making them the preferred discrete-node alternative to expensive ‘pogo’ style pins. With pitch capability as low as 0.3mm and force per node as low as 5 grams, massively parallel interfaces are possible without massive force.

Durable multi-GHz BGA socket solutions offer low loss connection for wireless devices, processors, fPGA and other high performing devices.


We offer you custom solution for the largest package sizes on the planet. Custom footprints for high per chip socket requirements are easy with Ardent’s technology.

Commitment and Responsiveness

We are committed to serving you in a timely manner. Based in America, we are easy to reach and easy to work with. We pride ourselves on being responsive and in tune with your needs. The team at Ardent is here to support you and available to ensure you have what you need for a successful test. We can deliver on custom designs as quickly as four weeks.

Ardent offers you superior electrical performance and exceptional thermal management with complete custom socket solutions. Look no further than Ardent to customize your BGA test sockets or LGA test sockets.

Case Studies

Replacing Pogo Pins for a High Performance BGA Test Socket Solution.

High Performance fPGA Characterization Sockets.

To learn more about our technology used for BGA test sockets and LGA test sockets, click here for the specs and details on SP™ technology.

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