MEMS Device ATE Sockets

Patented MEMS Sockets from Ardent Concepts use a unique scrubbing action contact set which is ideal for today’s sensitive MEMS devices, including accelerometers, gyroscopes, MEMS microphones and other specialized devices used in mobile electronics applications.

MEMS Sockets Salient Features

Ardent’s MEMS sockets provide very consistent DC resistance over hundreds of thousands of mechanical insertions, and are more cost effective than traditional pogo pin solutions. With patented SC™ technology, MEMS sockets from Ardent can be custom designed cost effectively and quickly. We can design new sockets for your unique application in DAYS, with prototypes available in under 6 WEEKS.

Custom MEMS sockets are possible with rapid lead times to meet your demanding test schedule and rapid ramp-up times with high yield rates and minimum cleaning or services intervals. Our MEMS socket system is designed to meet the needs of customers from 2 to 1,000 units down to .4mm pitch. If you have a tough MEMS socket requirement, contact us to see how our proven technology can work for your project.

Low Force Solutions for Advanced MEMS Device Testing

With solutions down to 10 grams of force per pin, MEMS sockets from Ardent provide the best possible contact with solder wiping action without damaging your device.

Next Generation MEMS Device sockets – Microphones

The scalability of SC™ MEMS socket technology is enabling next generation microphones for some of the most advanced mobile handset and tablet systems in the marketplace. Ardent MEMS micropohone socket solutions are specifically designed for challenging microphone port isolation, the smallest form factors, and exceptionally high ATE test yield rates. Ardent high performance MEMS sockets are available in cost effective and real-estate friendly form factors for the ‘last millimeter’ of electrical interconnect for validation platforms, device characterization and final ATE test.

10 grams of Force Per Node
< 100 mOhms DC Resistance
Up to 2 Million Mechanical Insertions
Patented Scrub Action at DUT Pad
Small DUT Board Footprint
No DUT Board Wear
Easy Contact Set Field Replacement
Worldwide Support

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MEMS Microphone Socket

MEMS Microphone Socket

MEMS Accelerometer Socket

MEMS Accelerometer Socket