Test Sockets – Non Standard Test Sockets

Have a non-standard, custom or difficult to socket part?

Chances are good Ardent can help you with that. We can adapt our technology to just about any package, device or module. Small volumes of custom sockets for higher bandwidth applications are a niche all in their own, and our engineering team has many years of experience designing custom sockets for all kinds of applications.

If you need tight pitch, high performance custom sockets for CSP, mBGA, QFN, QFP or any of the thousands of variations of IC designs in the market, give us a try. We hold our engineering standards to an exceptionally high level and will work closely with you to adapt or design a board footprint that makes sense.

Above all, if we can’t make it, we will tell you up front and, if possible, recommend someone who can. Because we use our own technology and know it better than anyone, we also know our limitations. Don’t see it on our website?

Contact us or get a quote with a package spec and ask. Our knowledgeable team will respond quickly and help you get the right socket as quickly as possible. Our non standard test sockets can be delivered within 3-4 weeks and offer you a customized solution to meet your requirements with high performance, reliability and quick turnaround.

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