TR Multicoax Series for 5G Product Development

High Performance

TR Multicoax series delivers superior signal integrity from multiple GHz+ channels. With a choice of 20 GHz, 40 GHz, or 70 GHz configurations, users can upgrade their connectors as bandwidth requirements on their applications increases. TR is the highest-density high speed multicoax connector on the market.  The interface is compression-mount which drives lower total cost of testing by avoiding costly solder-down components that can’t be recovered, and encouraging reuse across programs.

We offer a range of configurations to meet your design needs:


  • 4, 8, 12, 16, 24
  • Custom (e.g. 65 Channel delivered)

Cable Length

  • Standard: 6”/ 152mm, 12”/ 304mm, 24”/ 608mm
  • Custom

Connector Types

  • SMA Male, SMA Female
  • 2.92mm K Male, 2.92mm K Female
  • 1.85 V Male, 1.85 V Female

Mounting Style

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range DC to 70 GHz
Return Loss -18 dB through 70 GHz
Insertion Loss -1.5 dB through 40 GHz, -3 dB through 70 GHz
Crosstalk or Coupling Interference -70 dB through 70 GHz
Impedance 50 Ω +/- 2.5 Ω
Phase Matching +/- 2 ps standard

Small Footprint

The TR multicoax cable connector assembly is small enough to occupy a tiny (e.g. 5mm x 38mm in 8 channel configuration) footprint on your PCB. This saves real estate on the board and gets the cables as close as possible to the DUT, with density of 2.54mm pitch cable to cable. TR multicoax cable connectors dramatically impact layout options (80% space savings over traditional connectors like SMAs and SMKs), and provide a series of versatile test points all in one small space.

      • No more twisting on cables to SMAs
      • No more failing of snap-in connectors
      • No more broken connector solder joints
      • No more wasted connector
      • No more failed connector points
      • Better long term consistency of connector performance

Move the TR from site to site on your board with ease and dramatically cut down on wasted space.

Compression Mount

As a compression mount solution, TR allows Engineers to easily remove it from the board and probe directly to de-embed the losses in their reference design PCB.

TR multicoax cable assembly connectors reduce project costs by:

      • Eliminating Wasted Solder Down Connectors
      • Reducing the use of expensive SMA, SMK or other surface mount connectors as TR can be moved from site to site, and board to board, with ease.

Field Repairable

The TR interface can be easily removed and replaced for reuse across multiple applications (video).


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TRs on PCB

“We design multi-core MIPS processors and need to access approximately 150 channels off our test boards, at speeds of 10 Gbps. Initially we used individual coaxial connectors like SMPs. Density quickly became an issue and we weren’t able to fit connectors for all the channels we needed to access on our boards. TR Multicoax from Ardent solved this problem, providing us with a high-density solution that could handle the speeds we required. With just less than two dozen footprints we were able to access all of the signals we required in a fraction of the board space.”
-Consulting Hardware Engineer, MIPS Processor Development Company


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