TR Blind Mate Test Head Interface

Ardent’s Blind Mate TR solutions are ideal for applications where engineers need superior signal integrity with multiple reliable and repeatable connections at 70GHz+. With precision designed interconnect solutions from Ardent, these connections can be designed into an automated mate/de-mate process capable of thousands of insertions with no degradation.  Ardent Blind Mate TR has exceptional gimbaling and compliance to adjust for coplanarity on system board and test boards, making them are ideal for:
  • High speed digital test head interfaces
  • Probe card docking stations
  • High Speed digital OEM equipment
  • RF Channel system mating on testers
  • Automated probing of backplane channels or high speed signal ports


Blind Mate - Test Head InterfaceTR Blind Mate



Technical Drawing 


TR Multicoax delivers superior signal integrity from multiple 70GHz+ channels. TR is the highest-density high speed multicoax connector on the market. The interface is compression-mount which drives lower total cost of testing by avoiding costly solder-down components that can’t be recovered, and encouraging reuse across programs.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range DC to 70 GHz+
Return Loss -20dB through 50 GHz
Insertion Loss Linear through 70 GHz
Crosstalk or Coupling Interference -65dB through 50 GHz
Impedance 50 Ω

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 (Measurements with 30″ cable and 2.92 mm connector)