TR Multicoax Series – Equal Trace

High Performance

TR Multicoax Equal Trace delivers superior signal integrity from multiple high speed channels in an arched footprint making it ideal for applications where equal and short trace lengths are imperative for performance tuning. In these cases, TR can help to minimize needing to create serpentine trace routing map patterns to achieve a specific overall length. This helps to ensure signals reach their destination at the same time in data and clock routing for peak performance. The tight pitch of TR Multicoax gets the connector closer to the device to reduce signal loss.

Key Benefits

• OIF IC-TROSA Standard compliant
• Superior signal integrity to 70 GHz+
• Helps mitigate the need for cumbersome serpentine trace routing
• Allows for shorter trace lengths to reduce signal loss
• Better long term repeatability of connector performance
• Solderless system eliminates signal distortion for clean signal integrity
• Quick connection of multiple signals to PCB
• Reusable across programs for exponential cost savings

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range DC to 70 GHz
Return Loss (Graph) Less than -15 dB to 67 GHz
Insertion Loss (Graph) -1.5 dB through 40 GHz, -3 dB through 70 GHz
Crosstalk or Coupling Interference -70 dB through 70 GHz
Impedance 50 Ω +/- 2.5 Ω
Phase Matching +/- 2 ps standard


The TR Multicoax Series product line is also ideal for use in:

      • OIF Standard ICs
      • Optical Connector Breakout Boards
      • Customer IC Evaluation Boards
      • Mobile Chipsets
      • High speed SerDes


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