Advanced Customization for Quantum and Cryogenic Applications

The newest form factors of Ardent’s TR Multicoax connectors support the many unique challenges of Quantum Computing applications. Density, substantial environmental changes, and an increasing need for more high-speed lanes are causing quantum computer designers to rethink traditional routing methods of individual cables. By utilizing superconducting materials like CuNi cables and the existing patented contact technology Ardent is known for, engineers will be able to drastically decrease real estate required by individual connectors and increase their channel count while improving signal integrity in their systems. Ardent also offers interposer and cabling solutions at the chip level inside sheilding cans and sample exchangers.

TR Multicoax customized to hermetic feedthroughs in standard ISO 100 discs

  • Providing 100s of RF Lines per disc with standard density product (2.54mm signal to signal)
    • Tighter density than traditional SMAs
    • Exponential time savings installing vs traditional SMAs
  • Incorporate CuNi Cable into standard product – minimal customization
    • TR Multicoax connectors are used at every thermal stage of the dilution refrigerator
  • Hermetic feedthrough design uses 50 ohm feedthrough and potting for hermeticity
    • Can fit 160+ channels in a standard ISO disc

We offer a range of configurations to meet your design needs:


  • 4, 8, 12, 16, 24

Cable Length

  • Standard: 6”/ 152mm, 12”/ 304mm, 24”/ 608mm
  • Custom

Cable Types

  • CuNi Cable
  • NbTi Cabling
  • Stainless Steel
  • Semi Rigid Copper
  • Fexible Magnetic/Non-Magnetic
  • View our Specialty Cable Specifications here

Connector Types

  • SMA Male, SMA Female
  • TR Multicoax to TR Multicoax

Mounting Style

  • Straight Mount
  • Right Angle
  • 45 Degree Angle
  • Blind Mate


  • In-line blind mate attenuation options

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